The Machine Technology Of Automatic Chicken Egg Shelling With Independent Energy Source For Chicken Farmer Groups In Sungai Ulun Urban Village Banjarbaru City

  • Noor Saputera State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin
  • Edy Robinson Sampe State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin
  • Lauhil Mahfudz Hayusman State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin
Keywords: Automatic chicken egg incubator, independent electric energy source, PLTS


Free-range chicken farming is a promising business, because the need for animal protein, especially chicken meat and eggs, is still quite high in the community. In order to meet these needs, of course, it must be balanced with an optimal maintenance process in order to produce chicken meat and eggs continuously. The problems in the field show that, the process of incubating chicken eggs is still carried out conventionally with a fairly small success rate, and the chicken egg incubator that has been made by one of the chicken breeders has very minimal technological touch, where the egg turning process is still using hands which is done regularly The unavailability of measuring and controlling the temperature and humidity of the incubator, the incandescent lamp used as a chicken egg heater still relies on a source of electricity from PLN, of course this will reduce the profit margin to be obtained. The service activity that will be carried out is the application of automatic chicken egg incubator technology with independent electrical energy sources in the form of solar power plant technology (PLTS) in the native chicken farmer business group in Sungai Ulin Village, Banjarbaru City. It is hoped that with this community service activity, the knowledge and interest of chicken breeders about the application of chicken egg incubator technology and PLTS technology will increase, so that it can save production costs and increase the amount of income.


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