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Hospitals are one of the most strategic parts of the health field. This is none other than because a quality hospital is a service to create a healthy Indonesian society, in terms of physical and mental. Therefore, the construction of the Hospital building which is included in the development of this development is needed by the Royal Surabaya Hospital. But in reality, the development of development has been delayed since December 6, 2021, which can be seen through the S curve. In this study, researchers used a questionnaire that was distributed to respondents, namely the construction staff of the Royal Extension Hospital Surabaya to obtain data, then the data was processed using the fault tree analysis method to find out what caused the delay in the project. The results of this study found that the cause of the delay was caused by the owner's late payment to the contractor or related parties, the owner's delay in approving and making changes to the design, lack of supervision of the design, damage and effectiveness of the use of heavy equipment, and lack of construction materials. It can be concluded that the cause of the occurrence of delays is due to 4 factors.