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In carrying out concrete work, if the casting work is not completed, then the casting must be stopped at places that do not endanger the construction according to the instructions of experts in accordance with the plan drawings. Casting of joints between old and new concrete with an overview of inclination angles of 0⁰, 45⁰, and 90⁰. Joints are part of the concrete construction to provide a safe stop for the casting for the stage of construction. The casting is carried out in several steps, in the first step filling the concrete in the cylinder mold up to half of the total, after the concrete has reached the age of 7 days, then the next concrete as connection concrete fills half of the old concrete by coating the old concrete connection using glue which is a mixture of additon addibond glue + water and without concrete only a mixture of cement + water. This research was conducted so that the implementation in the field knows the function of each slope angle at 0⁰ is used in casting column connections, 45⁰ is carried out on casting plate and beam connections, and 90⁰ is carried out on casting pile cap foundation connections. The test results of the compressive strenght & split tensile strength of concrete showed that the variation of the joint slope using glue was greater than the variation of the connection without. For the results of the greatest compressive strength test in intact concrete with an average strength value of 35,29 Mpa, while in the split tensile strength test the concrete got an average strength value of 2,37 Mpa.