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From year to year the water need is increasing, but efficient utilization of water availability is still not implemented. The problem is that water availability cannot keep up with the water demand. So it is necessary to analyze water availability and water demand. This research in the Bagong Watershed located in Trenggalek Regency. This study analyzed water availability using the NRECA method and compared with FJ.Mock's discharge. The results of the reliable discharge analysis of the NRECA method is maximum discharge of 2,18/s in April I and a minimum discharge of 0,00/s. Meanwhile, FJ.Mock method obtained a maximum discharge of 3,23/s in December I and a minimum discharge of 0,00/s. With the cropping pattern, the maximum irrigation water requirement is 1,40/s in November I. And the total irrigation water requirement in one year is 14,86/s.The water balance of NRECA method deficit in April II to November II. Meanwhile, FJ.Mock method deficit in May I to November II. The NSE test results of the NRECA method is 0,73 and FJ.Mock with an NSE value of 0,30 so that it can be concluded that the NRECA method is more in accordance with the Bagong Watershed.