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In building construction, a design may has the possibility of a review. This review is nothing but aimed at finding cost efficiency by identifying, improving design efficiency, and or looking for design alternatives. In this study, one of the hotel construction projects in Surabaya was chosen. After the interview session, the implementing team of the hotel construction gave an opinion that the construction of the main structure in this project was too wasteful or overdesign. After a review of the location, there is beam that has dimensions of 60 x 85 cm. Therefore the author will try to find design alternatives that are more efficient in terms of strength and cost. The references in this alternative will be SNI 2847:2019 and 1726:2019. Modeling and calculating the main structure using Professional Structural Analysis Robot software with the aim of making it easier and becoming a reference. The results of the discussion research include a review of the design on the initial or existing design, changes in dimensions and changes in the number and size of reinforcement on the beams. In terms of cost the author can save up to 25% of the amount of initial design costs.