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Pedestrian Jalan Ahmad Yani (Jl. Frontage Timur) Surabaya is a pedestrian transportation route in general and is used for other functions. The purpose of this study was to identify environmental and physical conditions to support comfort on the pedestrian path of Jalan Ahmad Yani (Jl. Timur Frontage) and to analyze the level of comfort according to pedestrians on Jalan Ahmad Yani (Jl. Frontage Timur) Surabaya. The method used in collecting this data is observation, distributing questionnaires, and documentation in the form of photographs. As for the method of data analysis using descriptive qualitative research analysis which describes or describes the research object based on the facts that appear or as they are. This testing process was carried out using the Microsoft Excel 2010 application to review several aspects. Of all these aspects, 286 respondents indicated that in the use of pedestrian paths on Jalan Ahmad Yani (Jl. Fronatge Timur) Surabaya, one uncomfortable factor (TN) was found, namely vehicle noise with a percentage of 51%, as many as 4 factors that were in the moderate category. comfort (CN) with microclimatic conditions (rainfall & sunshine) with a percentage of 61%, clarity of circulation with a percentage of 56%, aroma/odors with a percentage of 60% and shape with a percentage of 65%, while there are 4 factors that fall into the category comfortable (N) namely the safety of pedestrian path users with a percentage of 71%, the beauty of pedestrian paths with a percentage of 79%, fulfilled accessibility with a percentage of 76% and the completeness of facilities with a percentage of 77%
Keywords: Pedestrian Pathways, Convenience, Users