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Tower Crane are an important factor in large-scale high-rise building construction projects and it is hoped that the implementation of the construction project will be achieved. Proper placement of Tower Crane will result in efficient productivity and minimize Tower Crane operational costs. Tower Crane productivity is obtained from the Tower Crane cycle time and the volume of material transported.
Furthermore, this thesis aims to analyze the productivity of Tower Crane heavy equipment and operational costs incurred in using Tower Crane. This research was conducted at the Guest Hotel Nganjuk project. The research was conducted by observing the Tower Crane for 20 days accompanied by filling in a research questionnaire filled in by observers along with field data each day. From data collection, both Tower Crane productivity and observation questionnaires were processed using the Microsoft Excel 2016 computer program.
From the data analysis that has been done, it can be seen that the average productivity of Tower Crane in the Guest Hotel Nganjuk development project is lightweight brick 51.61 tons/hour, reinforcement 38.86 tons/hour and formwork 38.75 tons/hour, with a total time required of 27.03 hours . The operational cost of the Nganjuk Guest Hotel project is obtained from calculations based on field data with a Tower Crane operating cost of Rp. 1,001,660.90 per hour.

Keywords : Tower Crane, Cycle Time, Operating Cost.