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Analysis of this research uses the Bina Marga method on flexible pavement. The field survey was conducted on Gresik-Lamongan National Road section. The purpose of the study was to determine the level of road damage, the type of road damage and the method of handling it using the BinaMarga method. Research was conducted using a visual survey, type of damage, level of damage, measurement of pavement surface damage, and a LHR (Average Daily Traffic) survey. The results obtained from this study are: Photole of 0. 08% with an area of 1.54 m², patches of 13.71% with an area of 262.51 m², Alligator Cracking by 41.00% with an area of 792.76 m², Rutting of 1.46% with an area of 27.92 m², Reflexor Cracking by 26.54% with an area of 509.20 m², Longitudinal & Tranverse Crack by 13.40% with an area of 256.62 m², Depression Grade of 1.75% with an area of 0.09 m², Polished Aggregate of 0. 17% with an area of 0.01 m² Routine Road Maintenance Practical Instructions, namely Asphalt (P2) The types of damage that are repaired using local asphalt are alligator cracks, box cracks, longitudinal and transverse cracks with width < 2 mm, and ravelling. Filling the hole (P5) Damage repaired by this method is box cracks, Aligator cracks with crack width > 2 mm and subsidence, and holes > 50 mm deep Leveling (P6) Damage that needs to be repaired by leveling is settlement/subsidence, holes with a depth of 10-50 cm, groove depth < 30 mm.