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Soil is very important especially for the foundation in a building such as houses, buildings, railroads and so on. With this, the role of land is important in the world of construction and development. So that the function of land improvement is very much needed, namely so that the building on it does not experience land subsidence, so that it is stable if a building is built on it. Improvements can also be made using materials such as chemicals, using soil mixtures that can stabilize the soil. For soil improvement efforts, there are methodsSoil replacement, with separator/coating, Cerucuk (Micropile), etc. This study used the micropile method because this method is suitable for soft clay soil conditions. So this method is the right alternative. From the conclusion after analysis, it is obtained that the Safety Factor value uses the micropile method, which is 1.5, the required number of cones is 1800, and the distance between the cones is 2.5 m. for the type of cerucuk used is the type of Petung Bamboo.