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Structural work is a major job in a project for the construction of high-rise buildings and other buildings, because the structure is a strengthening foundation of a building. In the Nganjuk Guest House 57 Hotel development project, it becomes a place to conduct research. Accelerating the duration of structural work on a schedule in a project is the beginning of an acceleration in other project work, because if structural work can be completed quickly, other work can also be completed earlier too. In this study, the acceleration of the schedule uses the CPM (Critical Path Method) method and with the help of Microsoft Project 2013 software which in this study aims to serve as a reference for contractors to work on the next project. Microsoft Project 2013 functions to make normal scheduling and determine work that is on a critical path, and the CPM method is a method of speeding up the duration of a job in a critical area. The data analysis carried out by the researchers was from the master schedule, RAB, and HSPK in 2022 which were then processed in such a way and with the help of Microsoft Project 2013. In the normal structural work duration data it was written for 246 days with a total overall construction cost of Rp. 15,881,406,908.69 and after acceleration with the CPM (Critical Path Method) method, acceleration is obtained for 81 days by adding 3 hours of overtime each day on critical work with an overtime fee of Rp. 211,214,347.45. Then the duration of the change is obtained to be 165 days with a processing fee of Rp. 16,092,621,256.14