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Damage to the pavement layer due to vehicles with Over Dimention Over Load (ODOL) causes swelling costs due to maintenance of damage roads before the planned life limit. Filler are able to improve the quality of pavement. Research by replacing filler material was carried out to find materials that can improve pavement stability, in this case the material used is red brick production waste owned by UD. Bata Pres MRH, Mojokerto. Based on the sieve analysis test, the red brick waste filler material that passed sieve No.200 was 84,77% and the specific gravity test obtained a value of 2,746. Based on the results of marshall testing on the AC-BC mixture using the requirements of Spesifikasi Umum Bina Marga (Revisi 2) of 2018 for flow with asphalt content of 4,6%, 5,1%, 5,6%, 6,1% and 6,6% respectively has results of 3,40 mm, 3,47 mm, 3,57 mm, 3,73 mm and 3,77 mm and for stability values sequentially has a value of 1164,3 kg, 1180,0 kg, 1287,2 kg, 1177,1 kg and 1167,2 kg. based on the test results, it has fulfill the requirements of the Spesifikasi Umum Bina Marga (Revisi 2) of 2018 for AC-BC mixtures.

Keywords: Red Brick, Road Pavement, Marshall, Over Dimention Over Load, Filler