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The objective of analyzing the effectiveness of the physical model for treating greywater and rainwater using multilevel filters is to turn it into clean water as an alternative to raw water in handling the water crisis. as well as the addition of PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) and soda ash (Sodium Chloride) to neutralize the pH.

This simple tool is able to increase the pH and turbidity of household wastewater. The background to the creation of this tool is the increasing amount of waste water, while in certain areas there is a shortage of water. This simple tool is made of a stainless pipe with a diameter of 3” and a length of 20 cm while the lower part is a filter which will be filled with certain materials, namely: multilevel sand filters. Based on the research results, the tool can filter waste water. The processing method used is filtration using sand filters and chemical drugs and a combination of sand filtration processes to produce clean water.

The multilevel filtration method is able to remove pollutants contained in greywater wastewater and can be a solution for fulfilling clean water according to the 2001 Permenkes.