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The initial thing to do is to hold discussions and assist in supervising the implementation of road paving activities with the aim that the implementation of road paving activities can be carried out in accordance with the plans and implementation methods that meet the implementation standards and technical standards of road pavement. Taking into account the current conditions in order to support smoothness to increase productivity, driving comfort, travel, and the beauty of the village, it is necessary to have infrastructure in the form of good roads as well as the challenges of building and repairing environmental roads.

In repairing the asphalt overlay (overlay) of the road pavement surface, it is necessary to pay attention to the tools, materials and implementation methods that are suitable for the asphalt location. Good development can be realized because of the cooperation of all parties involved, the supervisory team who provide input for controlling this development project. All the obstacles that were initially felt to have a solution when the existing cooperation strengthens each other.