The Empowerment Of Community In RT. 03 RW. 14 Sawojajar Sekarpuro Sub- District Pakis District Trough The Tin Fruit Productive Village Program

  • Rini Kartika Dewi National Institute of Technology Malang
  • Srililiani Surbakti National Institute of Technology Malang
  • Faidliyah Nilna Minah National Institute of Technology Malang
  • M. Istnaeny Hudha National Institute of Technology Malang
  • Siswi Astuti National Institute of Technology Malang
Keywords: Tin Fruit, Creative Industry, Sawojajar


The creative industry is a business activity that focuses on creation and innovation which must always be improved and developed in all regions in Indonesia, because it is rich in culture and natural resources. One example is RT 03 RW 14 Sawojajar Sekarpuro Village, Pakis Subdistrict, which has creative activities, where each resident is required to plant figs and process them. So far, residents still do not know the products that can be produced from tin fruit and the processing stages, all that has been done is making tea bags, but the results obtained are not as expected. The aim of this service is to provide assistance and training for residents of Sawojajar RT 03 RW 14 in processing various foods from fruit and drinks from Tin leaves and transfer of appropriate technology in the process to produce superior products from commercial Tin fruit. The implementation method that will be used is assistance in making products for PKK groups of women who are divided into 5 (five) small groups, mentoring and training for processing into products, assistance in the use of drying equipment, packaging and marketing. From the mentoring and training that has been carried out by the ITN Malang Community Service Team, it has had a significant impact, namely that residents gain knowledge and practice directly the processing of Tin fruit into various processed products and operating equipment in making Tin leaf tea and increasing economic value because residents have produce products and sell them to the public.


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