PAWON: Jurnal Arsitektur is a scientific journal published by the Department of Architecture of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Institut Teknologi Nasional (ITN) Malang that accommodates the results of research and products of scientific thought in the field of architecture and the built environment. Jurnal PAWON accepts articles both in English and Bahasa. This journal is scheduled 2 (two) times a year, January and July, and reviewed by independent reviewers with expertise in the field of architecture and the built environment.

PAWON literally means "kitchen" in Javanese language, which is derived from the root word awu or dust. Philosophically, we hope that PAWON will become a place to mix the novelty of knowledge in the field of architecture and built environment. 

Editor invites all relevant parties to contribute to publishing scientific articles that have never been published before. For manuscripts, online submission just simply visit the link HERE and for further information, you can contact us at

Pawon: Jurnal Arsitektur is proudly collaborating with the Indonesian Institute of Architects:


Our Journal has been featured on SINTA (5) based on KEPMENRISTEK 200/M/KPT/2020 valid for five years from vol 2 no 1 2018
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